Introducing NFT

What is

  1. DeFi — Pools and Farms will be created for the launch of new NFTs projects. Farmers will be able to stake NFTFARM native tokens to earn other tokens.
  2. NFT — We will create a primary and secondary marketplace for NFTs, where users and artists can buy and sell NFTs. Our token will be used as an incentive to use the marketplace (more info below).

What’s the token use case?

  1. Depending on the level, buyers will get a discount on the price of the NFTs.
  2. Sellers with higher membership levels will get more exposure, ranking their artworks above others and getting more chances to be seen and sell their artworks.


Quarter 2 2021

  • Overall planning, roadmap, token generation
  • Initial farming offering
  • Listing on major coin tracking sites
  • Creation of pools and farms to sustain token liquidity
  • Obtain multiple safety audits
  • Opening for the offerings of other NFT projects
  • Listing of NFTFARM in several exchanges
  • Integration of additional chains (Ethereum, Polygon, etc.)

Quarter 3 2021

  • Definition of users membership levels
  • Definition of NFTs and tokes sales dynamics / incentives for buyers and sellers
  • Creation of a primary marketplace for NFTs
  • Creation of a secondary marketplace for NFTs
  • Listing of NFTFARM on major centralized exchanges

Quarter 4 2021

  • Rolling out of the marketing plan to acquire buyers and sellers
  • Reward campaigns to acquire primary and secondary sellers
  • Development of a solution to facilitate the bridge between traditional art and the crypto sector

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NFT Farm

Cross-chain protocol to deploy #DeFi and #NFT farms and trade #NFT at discount without any coding skills required.